Oliver Read

Websites that work for you

Happy belated new year!

It’s been a long time since I updated the site but I’ve been busy and have launched a few sites. See them over in my portfolio.

I’m also in the middle of several jobs including a directory that helps vulnerable people find services, an online art shop and a site for the local tennis club so watch this space. I’ve also decided to finally build a site for my board game group – Portsmouth on Board. I’m probably going to modify the P2 theme which is ideal for posting quick messages to a group, but it’s not as static and clunky as a forum.

In the meantime, here’s another AEOT:

Ooberla.co.uk launched


My girlfriend Angie has just launched her own site so get over there and buy some monsters!

Two sites launched

Two sites I’ve been working on were launched last week:

Golf Monkey is a community site for all who play the game, giving reviews on golfing gear and advice for improving your game. It’s run by a team of extremely enthusiastic professional and amateur golfers who are available to talk in the forum.

16″ West Brasserie is a new restaurant in Greenwich that’s being operated by the National Maritime Museum. The menu looks great and Greenwich is lovely so I’ll be sure to visit them soon. Any excuse for a trip to the Royal Observatory and its amazing planetarium.

Best of luck to both and I hope I can help you again in the future.