I’m a freelance web developer with a passion for open source software. From simple WordPress blogs to complex database-driven web apps using frameworks like CakePHP, the open source solution can be incredibly powerful in the right hands.

In my spare time I program all sorts of games and toys just for fun and to learn new languages and techniques. I love it when the things that I learn while creating something for fun can be used to make projects for clients better and more efficient.

I collect boardgames and arrange monthly game nights in a local pub in Southsea. The thing I love about boardgames is the way I can understand the closed system that forms the game. I think it requires a similar mindset to programming -considering all the possible inputs and outputs of a system.

Contact me at oliver@oliverread.co.uk or see the services that I can offer.

The ‘other’ Oliver Reed

If this has all left you confused then perhaps you were looking for the sadly deceased thespian I very nearly share my name with! In that case you could do worse than heading over to oliverreed.net. Rest in peace, Ollie.